An armed robbery & no crunchwrap


I’m packing to go home for the weekend when I get a text.

9:38 p.m. – “Are you dressed? Taco Bell just got held up.”

I respond the same minute I receive the text.

9:38 p.m. – “Yes. I’m going now.”

I’d just cracked open a this-will-help-you-pack beer.

I race to find my keys instead of taking the first sip. I clip on my press badge, slide on my shoes, change my camera lens.

Out the door and down the road I go.

A red light catches me when I’m almost there. The blue lights I see under the Taco Bell sign make me feel like a NASCAR driver at the starting line.

The light turns green and I hit it.

Without looking, I turn on my camera that’s sitting in my lap. Park the car. Jump out.

I’m greeted – well not really – by a cop who says he can’t talk to me.

It’s something I already know.

I’m just there for the photos. I’ll pull the police report in the morning and call the chief on his cell, thank you.

I walk over to the crowd standing, looking into the restaurant.

I learn I know the guy who works there and who the suspect held a gun to.

I see the fear in his eyes, even though he looks like a tough guy.

Cops bring out the Bloodhound and pull out their big guns. They take off into the woods.

And I laugh to myself because it’s an hour after the robbery – I could bet a couple tacos the suspect is long gone.

I speak to witnesses. And see a car full of people be turned away by a cop who says, “Are you kidding me?” when they approach the drive thru.

At that point I know my exciting night won’t end with a crunchwrap supreme.

So I walk back to my car and drive home. My adrenaline is still rushing and I realize how thankful I am for my what-will-happen-next job.


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